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Акробатикалық жаттығулар реттілігі. Гимнастикалық корпешелерде орындалатын жаттығулар

LESSON 92 Unit 9: TransportSchool:
Date:17.05.2022Teacher name: Pusyrmanova K
Grade: 6aNumber present:Number absent:
Theme of the lesson:Learning  about  travel  and transport
Learning objectives6.1.8.1  develop intercultural awareness through reading and discussion  understand independently specific information  and detail in short, simple texts on a limited range of general and curricular  topics  use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a limited  range of general  topics, and some curricular topics
Lesson objectivesAll learners will be able to: Identify the ideas for completing the task with some support Create and write the sentences, using the suggested words in a table (4-5) with some support Ask simple questions to learn more information about getting to school
Previous learningLearning  about  travel  and transport
Planned timings    Planned activities  Learners’ activitiesEvaluationResources
Begining 5 min1.Pre-learning Teacher writes the word Transport on the board and gives learners a minute to work in pairs and brainstorm as many different ways of travelling as they can. Teacher asks learners stand or sit in a circle and establishes a four clap rhythm (three claps on the knees and one clap with hands together). Going clockwise around the circle, learners must take it in turns to call out a method of transport on the fourth clap, e.g. clap one, two, three, BUS! Players who miss the clap, repeat an item or can’t think of anything to say are out of the game. The game continues until there is just one student left. 2.Interactive Starter Teacher asks learners: How do you get around your/another cities? What means of transport are popular in your country? Teacher tells that they will listen to three people talking how they get around their cities..  Greeting           Learners do the instructions                 Learners answer the questions  Verbal evaluation        Handout 1                        
Middle 35 minPre-learning Teacher encourages learners to identify means of transport which seem to them the most comfortable to travel. Teacher asks learners to tell how they travel to school each morning and what they see and hear on their journey to school. Teacher tells learners that they are going to do the task  “How people travel?”   Using the words in the box below, complete the following sentences to make them true. ships rockets skateboard bicycle canoe Trains tram shuttles motorcar airplane bus   To fly from Australia to China people travel in an _________________ . To travel in the city, you use a type of train called a _____________.  _________________can only travel on railway tracks to get from one city to another. Astronauts travel in _________________ and _______________ to go to the moon. Large ____________ travel the seas carrying food, cars and other large things.   3. Learners are to write five short sentences using any five of the words in the box below. fast seatbelt accident brake engine ticket road airport sailor captain    Learners travel to school each morning and what they see and hear on their journey to school.         Learners complete the following sentences to make them true                         Learners write five short sentences  Mutual avaluation                       Individual  avaluation                        Handout 1                                                          
End 5 minReflection I think the lesson was productive, because … I think I was not as active as it should be, because…. Home task: to find the most common means of transport which are popular among teenagers to get to school. Saying goodbyeLearners provide feedback on what they have learned at the lessonSelf-assessment    Reflective journals

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